Sunday, July 20, 2008

saffron memories

Last year, during this time, I opened my exhibition at the McDermott Gallery by the Passage called Saffron Spirit. Though it was my second exhibition in Cambodia, this exhibit paved the way for countless other exhibitions- at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor, Raffles Hotel Le royal in Phnom Penh, UP Gallery in Iloilo and iideas Gallery in Manila. And soon in Beijing for the Olympic exhibition. I can't believe it's been a year already!

the exhibition...

with an installation... it was hell removing the threads when the work was bought and shipped to Denmark

another one with an installation. It was a good thing the buyer opted to have the stickers instead of shipping the water bottles to Japan!

My first and most favorite piece. I did the embroidery with my wife, that's why it was hard to part with it. Now in Singapore in the home of a very good friend, Christy.

The first piece bought on the opening night.

Now in Washington DC

Now in Singapore

One of the two pieces bought by a good friend now hanging in her New York loft

The other piece which is now in New York

Now in Malaysia

This work is now in the Hotel Be

Bought by a designer friend - Eric Raisina from Madagascar which now hangs in his office.

This was one which I brought to the Philippines for a show. This is now with my former boss, Susan Salcedo who is now based in Singapore. She flew in last year from Manila with her friend Ellen to see the show in Cambodia!

This one now resides in the office of my Spanish boss and very dear friend Alfredo Roca who is now an honorary Filipino... he has supported me greatly during my struggling years in Manila and he flew in especially for my exhibition opening in Iloilo.

This piece was bought at the Red Gallery exhibition by a US-based Filipino.

Out of 34 works, I only have around a dozen left, and will be saying goodbye to two more tomorrow when I ship them off to China... sigh... it's difficult parting with something you have poured your heart, sweat and soul into. That's why I refuse to put their titles here. I only want to remember the places where they are now...


Jake Tornado said...

Oh. My Gas. An artist like you took time to visit my blog. Of the many contemporary artworks I've seen, yours is unique and very engaging. Hope to see more of your works and thanks for dropping by.


oh wow! seriously, oh wow!

the spool artist said...

Hey Jake, thanks for dropping by as well. It was great reading your blog too. I enjoy your travel snaps and posts on economic what-nots. I will definitely be a regular visitor! Cheers!