Monday, December 30, 2013

And so farewell to thee

It's a day before 2014.

So I have let an entire year gone by without posting anything on my blog. It's not about running out of bloggable ideas and adventures anymore but more so running out of time and running out of drive.

2014 was an incredible year of changes (we moved out of 1961 to a lovely new wooden house just right across the river), of partnerships and investments (partnered up with my Beijing-based buddy Kurt with 1961 and a new property called Meru), new family additions (we got ourselves 2 adorable pugs and i became an uncle for the first time when my younger sister gave birth to Howard Kian), of new adventures (amanpuri, but tugging along Freedom for the first time!) and of new aspirations coming true (our prayers of upgrading our ancient computers and DSLR cameras were finally answered)!

I had breakfast with a princess and a prince. We did our 2nd art festival. We're opening a 2nd hotel. Had our first high school reunion after 17 years. Dealt with our first robbery problem in 1961. My son did his first construction project ever- a luxury liner boat made out of wood. Taught photography to a former US senator. My wife fell in love with baking and gave us an addiction to her wonders-from-the-oven. Hosted actresses and rockstars in our home...

So like any other year, living in a wondefully crazy country like Cambodia gives you moments that deserve to be kept in a glass menagerie of memories, each day fleeting with unsurmountable challenges and joys that seem to coexist with no logic but work in perfect harmony.

So why haven't I blogged for a year?

I got so busy living and enjoying my life instead of writing about it...