Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the house of darryl

An Aussie friend of ours, Darryl - author of a comprehensive insight on Cambodian architecture through his newly-published book, gave me a tour of his extraordinary house - an 80-year old Sino-Khmer house which he found on an island on the Mekong River in Kompong Cham province.

He bought the house and moved it, plank by plank from the river to an arduous journey by road to Siem Reap, around 200 kms away. To maintain the spirit of the house's environment, he moved it to a lot beside a stream, just as he found the house on the river.

The original house on stilts with additional structures for living space for his staff

The area below is an airy, open space

A showcase of antiques Darryl has accumulated trough the years

The main entry way

Lamps around the house exterior

This is one of the two bedrooms. The sunlight streaming in the wooden planks of the wall makes it achingly dramatic!

Detail of an art-deco cabinet he found in Phnom Penh

A nook leading to the kitchen

Part of the dining area

With the original structure built only using joints and wood pegs, nails and modern building techniques were used minimally. Additional structures were added, but done with the same spirit as the house to provide modern living conveniences such as an enclosed airconditioned room/office, kitchen and sleeping quarters for the staff. He also has another storage space antique furnishings which are not in use.

I don't mind at all living in a home like this...


Anonymous said...


this blog is so long awaited from such a great talent- congrats and hello!
this house reminds me of what architecture should be like after the flood of iloilo. we constantly forget iloilo sits on a flood plain. before the art deco houses of jaro, old pictures of iloilo showed camarin houses on stilts.
ur new blog and fuchsiaboy's will constantly remind me of a great vacation mae and i had in siam reap. thank you!!!!!


fuchsiaboy said...

eugene! make a blog! i'm sure with your writing talent and the stuff that you know of 'iloilo ang banwa ko', it would be very, very interesting. you have a lot to share, insider's knowledge. please, please, please!

the spool artist said...

oh yes, more than anyone, it's you who has an authority over Ilonggo art & architecture! We will be your biggest fans!

Jake Tornado said...

Not exactly my dream house but I won't complain living in it hehe. Nice post.

Valerie said...

im loving the blog! you are such a talented artist love. i miss all you guys. i miss cambodia.

the spool artist said...

thanks jake!

hey valerie!!! we miss you big time too! Cambodia (especially Phnom Penh) is dull and boring without you... now you have to come back and fix it! kamusta ka na dyan?