Friday, July 25, 2008

cambodian elections

Tomorrow is national election day in Cambodia wherein they will be electing key officials in the government, more importantly, the prime minister who has a very vital hand in shaping the country's fate especially now that the Thailand-Cambodia dispute over Preah Vihear is getting hotter by the minute.

I was in Phnom Penh for two days to process my visa to China and election fever was steaming all over...

motorcade by the "Blue Team" - Çambodian People's Party - the current ruling party

The "Yellow Team" of perhaps Sam Rainsy's Party

Streets were awashed with colored trucks, dancing and supporters chanting and waving yesterday around Phnom Penh and even on the road to the countryside when I was going home back to Siem Reap.

Although for the past years, elections have been relatively peaceful but still, people here play safe by withrawing all their money from Cambodian Banks and going on holidays to Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia. Most expats have gone home on holidays as well and most businesses from here until Monday will be closed.

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