Monday, July 26, 2010

a new blog si born!

Siem Reap Life is your virtual window into the latest happenings, the most interesting places and faces, the best bargains for wine, dine and local shopping as well as the most fabulous experiences you can possibly have in Angkor town.

More than a guidebook and definitely not a critique, it is honest, informative and straight out of the heads and hearts of residents. Our blog authors are of diverse backgrounds and interests. Thus, you get a whole collage of point of views and always a perspective you can relate to.
Whether your just traveling through or soon taking up residence, get in-depth and intimate with Siem Reap, check-out Siem Reap Life!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

spontaneous music at artdeli

That's it. The Phnom Penh Post just called me the most eccentric man in Siem Reap in their latest issue. Does that mean I have to go around town in plaids and bowtie, sporting a Brit accent? I feel like I have to live to the hype. Maybe I could suspend myself in a tank of formaldehyde ala Damien Hirst too.

Forget that. What they really wrote about was the spontaneous music happening at the Art Deli, my newest baby with my friend Jam. For the past couple of weeks, we've been churning out instant gigs and jamming sessions with musicians in the kingdom...

Our first two jamming sessions were with Cambojam - already a known name in the music circuit here.

Then came the Siem Reap Jazz Quartet, which coincidentally was officially formed at the Art Deli. Their impromptou performances made such waves that the national dailies even took notice!

And our latest gig last week was an acoustic session with a guitarist from Quebec - Frederic, who brought down the house, almost literally. It was an absolute fun enjoying music with these guys.
This Saturday, we'll have the Siem Reap Jazz Quartet back again for the launch of Earth Organic Jewelry at the Art Deli.
Can't wait!

best kep secret

I am hopelessly in love with this place, and the whole Cambodian coast as a whole. But me and my wife are definitely head over heels with the city of Kep-Sur-Mer, or Kep in short...

Established by the French as the premiere beach destination in the 1900's, Kep will definitely not win first place as best beach, but the appeal, lifestyle and mood that this place injects is indescribably surreal!

Dotted with countless villas from the French colonial era and the 1960's, the city was built at the time when Cambodia was on its golden years. Now, however, it is a living testament of the dark years of the Khmer Rouge and the Cold War. The grand old edifices that used to stand proud on its seaside avenues are but empty shells and rotting ruins.

The last couple of years however, saw the re-emergence of Kep in the radar of the international jetset. Now, it is slowly rebuilding its arms with a good number of eco hotels, exquisite boutique resorts and small luxurious hotels around.

We first came to Kep accidentally, after I burned out from a very tiring shoot in Phnom Penh. Instead of going back home north to Siem Reap, we decided to make a drive down south and found our way here. We first stayed at Khnai Bang Chatt which we thoroughly enjoyed. But on the next couple of times, we stayed at the rustic Champey Inn by the Rue de la Plage, a stone's throw away from Kep's famed Blue Crab Market.

We are just hooked to this place and are planning to stay here in one point of our lives...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my hiatus ends!

Yes, I'm still alive! And I haven't disappeared from the face of the web... instead, I've sort of silenced my way into making a bang!

I've been working on the following websites for myself, for my business collaborations, and even for my city - Siem Reap, with the help of several amazing individuals! - my personal voyages through photography - my new cafe/gallery project in collaboration with my friend Jam from Canada - the city's first online portal. A collaboration with two amazing friends - Sarah and Philippe that has ballooned into a really fun project involving a dozen other bloggers around Cambodia's premiere holiday gateway. - my friend Don and I put up an Aladdin Cave of sorts (according to Phnom Penh Post) and this is it... this is still a work in progress! - still not live, but am working on this site day and night. This is my main business bloodline!

We will be launching our city's blog/website, in a fun party on Sunday, July 25 at the Alley West during the country's first ever Green Market - an organic fair!