Wednesday, July 21, 2010

spontaneous music at artdeli

That's it. The Phnom Penh Post just called me the most eccentric man in Siem Reap in their latest issue. Does that mean I have to go around town in plaids and bowtie, sporting a Brit accent? I feel like I have to live to the hype. Maybe I could suspend myself in a tank of formaldehyde ala Damien Hirst too.

Forget that. What they really wrote about was the spontaneous music happening at the Art Deli, my newest baby with my friend Jam. For the past couple of weeks, we've been churning out instant gigs and jamming sessions with musicians in the kingdom...

Our first two jamming sessions were with Cambojam - already a known name in the music circuit here.

Then came the Siem Reap Jazz Quartet, which coincidentally was officially formed at the Art Deli. Their impromptou performances made such waves that the national dailies even took notice!

And our latest gig last week was an acoustic session with a guitarist from Quebec - Frederic, who brought down the house, almost literally. It was an absolute fun enjoying music with these guys.
This Saturday, we'll have the Siem Reap Jazz Quartet back again for the launch of Earth Organic Jewelry at the Art Deli.
Can't wait!


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