Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my hiatus ends!

Yes, I'm still alive! And I haven't disappeared from the face of the web... instead, I've sort of silenced my way into making a bang!

I've been working on the following websites for myself, for my business collaborations, and even for my city - Siem Reap, with the help of several amazing individuals!

www.lovenramos.com - my personal voyages through photography

www.artdeli.org - my new cafe/gallery project in collaboration with my friend Jam from Canada

www.siemreaplife.com - the city's first online portal. A collaboration with two amazing friends - Sarah and Philippe that has ballooned into a really fun project involving a dozen other bloggers around Cambodia's premiere holiday gateway.

www.youaremypoetry.com - my friend Don and I put up an Aladdin Cave of sorts (according to Phnom Penh Post) and this is it... this is still a work in progress!

www.spoolworks.net - still not live, but am working on this site day and night. This is my main business bloodline!

We will be launching our city's blog/website, www.siemreaplife.com in a fun party on Sunday, July 25 at the Alley West during the country's first ever Green Market - an organic fair!


Sreisaat said...

Hey, congratulations! I was wondering where you were but a ladybug told me you were just in SRP and working like a kuracha, walang pahinga! Kita man ang ibidins a . Hope I get to visit SRP, and of course your shop, soon :)

the spool artist said...

hey there! i have a confession to make... i finally went to kep and am hopelessly in love with the place! it's truly divine! will post pics soon!

Sreisaat said...

Great to hear that! Now you know why my husband and I were reluctant to go back to Phnom Penh after a good 6mths of living/working there? It is now our number one choice for weekend getaways =) looking forward to your pics.

dylzie said...

omg nice to see your posts again kaloka tnx for the comment pala!! I saw Cambodia's beaches on forbes best beaches in asia top 20 gosh 3rd and Cambodia ever Feel ko!!