Thursday, January 28, 2010

what comes around goes around

Two amazing American artists opened a creative wonderland recently just beside our gallery/shop by the Alley West in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Featuring treasures and art culled from recycled clothes, fabrics and haunts from the junkyard, they've created such a trove of earth friendly clothes and accessories that magically defines their name - CIRCLE...

Rachel Faller, who owns KeoK'jay in Phnom Penh, provides jobs and skills for women living with HIV. Lauren Iida, on the other hand, creates fashion from recycled and vintage materials through another enterprise that empowers impoverished women through education and livelihood.

Having met in Phnom Penh, they decided to bring their talents together in Siem Reap to open up Circle...

The store is awash with quirky details and little nooks of art from found objects and scavenged treasures.

Necklaces and bracelets from fabric scraps and buttons...

This box frame with dinosaurs and bingo numbers is cool.

Iida, Laren's brand, is very feminine but each with a twist.

Rachel's style is very urbane with a touch of Boho chic.

Jam, left, is opening an organic cafe right above Circle in a few weeks called Samakki.

Leah, who provided sinful indulgences that evening with her amazing cupcakes will be partnering up with Jam on Cafe Samakki. We definitely can't wait for them to open up what will be our new hang-out!

Leigh, Jam and Don

Learn more about Rachel's work at and Lauren's at


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PUSANG-kalye said...

kaw ba yan kuya Loven? parang Apl D Ap ang get up

this store or say these stores look great....and to think they are for a good cause. I wish them all the success~~

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wow! ang galing. hope to hear more kwento on that cafe

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Jogels said...

Goodness gracious mother of black pearly shells and mama's oyster sauce! I've been seeing don in Iloilo when i was still in college in Vega in when it was still there, and sometimes just outside CPU (fahionista grandyoza), and visited him with a friend for a fitting session daw lapit bala sa San agustin ang shop nila sadto.. but wow Im glad to see him shinning shimmering like a star in his career! Cheerness to you guys mabuhay galore

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