Friday, January 15, 2010

family portraits

Our not-so-little boy came home to Cambodia last month with Nanie, my mom and my sister and made our holidays the best we've ever had. It was our first Christmas and New Year altogether so we had to do our portraits!

My son, Freedom, all grown up!

The two of us doing a Lacoste ad!

Family snaps

Our Family! From left: my mom Love, my sister Love Grace, Don - the high priest of Cambodian avant garde fashion, my wife Faith, our son Freedom and Nanie.


Sreisaat said...

Excellent family snaps! Two thumbs up, Loven!

the spool artist said...

thanks! hope you had fun on the holidays!

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice portraits. Good to see you back online

the spool artist said...

thanks borneo falcon, great to be back definitely!

Anonymous said...

I love these!
I hope that 2010 so far has found you and your family well!