Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Epic weddings and fake Rolexes

Last week was whirlwind of double weddings and pre nup shoots. I had this particular couple who drove all the way from Poipet, near the Thai border who tried several photographers but somehow, couldn't get the drama they wanted on their photos. 

So when they met me, they only had one request... for their photos to look epic and cinematic... as if they have stepped into a film set. They liked the look of the classic photos of yore.

So here's what we did for them... 

Black and white. It never gets old.

 This didn't actually start well at first. Call time for us was 4 am, because they wanted sunrise shots but they didn't show up until 7 in the morning. I guess they had the same Rolex watch supplier as Lady Gaga. I was a little pissed (you know me and waking up early!) but as soon as the shoot started rolling, the fun began.

Shooting in Angkor Wat is a moment in itself.

The groom turned into my assistant director. He was really excited with all this and ended up coaching his bride-to-be on all the proper poses and smiles.

What was originally a 4 hour shoot turned into a 12 hour production! After each session, they would come back and say... "we loved it... let's do more." 

So what was supposed to be a simple shoot in the temples almost turned into a citywide thing. But at the end of the day, we all went home very happy. 


blagadag said...

sabi nga di boy abunda, "ikaw na." sabi ko naman, matagal na. balato naman dyan.

the spool artist said...

hahaha. kamusta na po kayo? hope you're doing alright. :-)

Lui-in-penh said...

stumbled across this blog from a friend's link. those photos are gorgeous! love the mood on every snapshot.

Luis Batchoy said...

We're alayv~

the spool artist said...

@lui-in-penh: thanks! :-)

@luis batchoy: hahaha... alert and enthsiastic pa ika mo!