Saturday, February 26, 2011


Finally, the galleries+artspace at home that we've been working on since October last year has been launched!

Although only the 2 main galleries and 4 of its 8 artist's studios are ready, we were able to open the space already to the public. Here are photos from the launch party on Friday, February 25th...

Presenting 1961...

The Cold War Gallery by Russian artist Inal Kabaloev

The Kennedys Gallery by American artist Rachel Faller

The Thy Kingdom Pop Gallery by Kyota Hyoda

Jam & Don

Love Grace blending in with the Kennedy Gallery

Lomo photo-artist Tim Robertson with his works in the Vann Molyvann Gallery

Friends from Poland, UK and Russia

Friends from Germany and Japan

with Raffles Chef Mawa from Indonesia... our galleries used to be the Raffles warehouse!


Kyo with his paintings...

Cambodian artist Ben Thynal and friends with his works at the Galerie V

Vintage bags and luggage at the Nostalgia

Ben Thynal with Tim Robertson... two of the most amazing artists I've worked with!

At the Norodoms Gallery

Furniture details at the Vann Molyvann Gallery... the glass table is the old switchboard from the house.

check out our website at

Four other artist studios are opening soon with the cafe!


Gilbert Semillano said...

Hi Loven, Congrats! Long time pre.. I am working on a new series in oil, baka pwede nating isali dyan one of these days. Whatcha think? TC bro :)

the spool artist said...

Gilbert! Sige pare. Email me at with photos of your work and some details so we can work out something.

Sreisaat said...

Congrats, Loven! Another great accomplishment :)

Gilbert Semillano said...

Ayus, Loven! Will do asap. Thanks!

The Zen Bitch said...

congrats, loven! i hope to someday show my paintings in your gallery... i am in manila now, on study leave, but i'm working on a series of watercolors on phnom penh as i remember it. ingat!

James Younghusband said...

congrats!! nice gallery