Tuesday, September 23, 2008

missing mom

My wife has just started working for a new company this month - a fantastic boutique hotel called The Sothea. As Senior Sales Manager, part of her work is traveling around the globe for sales calls. Last week, she was in Bangkok and she went home to Cambodia just to dump her used clothes then pack again for Saigon and Hanoi. Already, she has planned trips to HK, Singapore, New York, London, Cannes and Berlin.

I was so excited for her at first - to be able to trot around the world for free, but for the past couple of days and nights, me, my son and nannie are starting to feel the emptiness in the house. Also, Don, our dinner buddy extraordinaire and myself are also running out of ideas where to dine next as we owe a big part of our decisions to my wife's cravings. Last night, my son Freedom said his mommy is taking a very long time in the shower (he doesn't believe mommy's showering in Saigon) and it just breaks my heart.

Before, she used to complain a lot when I do trips abroad because I don't call, email or even send an sms to give her updates where I am. Now, she is on my shoes. She left last Sunday but until now, she hasn't called or given us any sms message of how she is. All I got was a short email asking me to pay up our credit card as she has maxed it out of oblivion. Now, I know how she feels!

This is becoming a bit uncomfortably difficult, but then again, I know she's gonna bring Freedom a huge Thomas the Tank Engine train set and the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall that I've always had my eyes on...

...wabs u palangga... puli na di!


The Islander said...

haha! sweet.

your wife surely have a good time roaming around the globe. can you advise her to maintain a blog about her travels? with that, i will have a snapshot of the places i only reached in my dreams. haha!

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow... that is so sweet. ang i love your son's name... Freedom! very optimistic name. i'll name my son Independence! Cool eh? reminds me of bruce willis's armageddon.. hehe!

hays... now you knew how she felt when you're abroad. i bet you son misses her so much... he's still so young that's why. T_T.. bet your wife's a good cook :)

that was so sweet :)


thanks for dropping by :) by the way the comment is now open. i apologize. btw, the girl of my dreams is still in my dreams. hope i knew her name :)

slim whale said...

i bet she also feels the same way. if only she could pack you guys into her luggage, she would have done so already. :) So what the plan for her "welcome party?"

Anonymous said...

palangga... this entry breaks my heart. I miss you, coochie monster, nannie and don too.

wabs u gid.

I have James and Harvey for coochie monster and im getting your damier graphite in hanoi.. heheheh

Miss Saigon a.k.a your wife

@ the islander: Loven's wife here. =) I wish I can write and take pictures as good as my husband. Im not sure why the company hired me when my only special talent is spending my husband's $$$..heheheh Honestly, My greatest dream is to become a trophy wife! =)

I will ask loven to post my artistic photos ( read: blurry pictures ) here heheheheh

@roneiluke: hehehe when you're in cambodia, I will cook for you. My cooking is an acquired taste.
I can beat The Barefoot Contessa anytime... =)

@Slim whale: Yes, I do.. I miss my family so much..

fuchsiaboy said...

te ang pasalubong ko ya????!!!

the spool artist said...

@the islander: i've actually been convincing her to get on the blogosphere! she does have a livejournal blog but she hasn't updated it in 20 years! lol

@roneiluke: thanks! thought all along there was something wrong with blogger! will drop by again as i enjoy reading your Palanca-worthy entries! keep it up!

@slim whale: we don't have to be packed as luggage... she always carries with her our hearts... and my credit card. hehehe.

@palangga ko: see, now you really have to make your own blog! please check if they have aviator sunglasses din sa LV Hanoi. Wabs u.. miss u gid.

@fuchsiaboy: you better google what's happening in hanoi asap or else, we might miss out another big event - maybe another martin margiela retrospective! ggggrrrr.... i still can't believe i missed it in beijing!!!

Ate Sienna said...

naawa naman ako sa picture nyong mag-ama.

i stumbled upon your site from gib's site. i like your blog. might be coming back more often next time :)

the spool artist said...

thanks ate sienna. feel at home po sa blogsite na ito!

SandyCarlson said...

I feel for you in missing the one you love! Distance is a difficult challenge, to be sure. I hope it works out and that it brings you the resources to be together more often!

What a tender post. What beautiful faces to come home to!


oh my, i envy your wife's job. a real jetsetter.

Unfortunately if she's always away... oh well, im sure the mouse doesnt always play.

lol. (joke)

caryn said...

awww. so sweet. i'm sure she misses you too ;-)

Looking For The Source said...

sweet. daming langgam sa picture.

i so love the pic. so thoughtful.

i can assure you she misses the both of you too!

alex said...

woooow you're wife's job is soooo fabuluso, yun nga lang the price is being away...

the spool artist said...

@sandy: at least, she gets to go home in between trips! i couldn't bear having her away from us longer than a week! thanks for the beautiful words...

@kris jasper: hehehe. i'm not like you who plays when A is away.

@caryn: :-)

@looking for the source: hahaha. I'm even hearing bees buzzing outside my door right now. thanks.

@alex: i'm trying to convince her boss to be her luggage handler on her trips!


RONeiluke, RN said...

ei, thanks for visiting again... my bestfriend was teasing me about the palanca award you mentioned on one of your comments before... :)

i'm glad you're not like KJ that plays when A is away! hahaha! (peace tayo Kris Jasper!) hahaha!

i visited your 'hey cambodia' site... and I WAS BLOWN AWAY... you've made me so fascinated with cambodia. i love the pics especially the Angkok Wat temples in sepia... really mysrifying...

EastCoastLife said...

awww... how sweet! Your wife must be teary eyed when she reads this.

I'm guilty of not emailing nor calling home too when I travel. You can't blame us, it's new fond freedom ei!

the spool artist said...

@roneiluke: no worries. i was just wondering actually why you took up nursing when you have a good way with words! if ever you think of going on a different career path, try writing a book!

@eastcoastlife: that must be it. having a new found freedom is a good way to put it... but in my case, once i'm clicking away with the camera on a new place, i lose track of my real life sometimes!



I played?

Yeah, with my PSP definitely.

the donG said...

that's cute!

the spool artist said...

@kris jasper: really? just PSP? or maybe PSP is another code for another hanky panky... like Patrice Sinclair Poret or Portia Svetlana Pvrozska... hmmm... lol

@the dong: thanks!