Friday, August 22, 2008

olympic fever

So finally I had a chance to get tickets to watch the games (Athletics Finals) at the Bird’s Nest – for free! A friend of a friend of a friend who I met in Cambodia happens to work for Adidas which is a major sponsor to the Olympics so I managed to get in the park and the stadium.

But even just in the park alone (it’s so massive, I’m not kidding!) you have so many things to do. Unfortunately, not everybody can come in. Only those who had tickets can go in or those who have Olympic IDs. But since I had both of them, you can go in to any sponsor’s halls and just have fun!

Glimpse of the bird's nest

There were sexy drumbeaters clad in space suits performing on the Lenovo stage

The giant Chinese national Olympic jacket and my tiny self. The jacket was sold out so I had to literally grab the last one from the mannequin!

Spectacular spiraling screens showing the Olympic history on the Adidas Hall

Lit Chinese drums on the escalator up the McDonald’s Cube (yup, they have a version too of the Water Cube)

Dribblers and Chinese acrobats at the PICC (Insurance) stage

The spectacular GE hall which featured an electronic water screen

The Formula 1 Hall of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen

China Mobile’s Electronics Hall (You can watch the games through your phone!)

And the State Grid’s “Light” Hall

Now if only they had spas inside the park! You couldn't imagine the amount of walking we had exploring the area!

To my friend Lan, thank you so much for the chance of a lifetime! Beijing totally rocks!


salingPUSA said...

Luck to have a friend around just in time for the Olympic games kuya. I am very happy for you. Is it really hot in there? It's like the center of the world these days. All roads lead to Beijing.Enjoy. And please continue posting stories about your experience there.....

the spool artist said...

@salingpusa: yup, I was very lucky indeed! It was a bit hot in the daytime (but I'm used to Manila and Cambodia weather anyway) but there was a point that it got too cold in the evenings fro a couple of days! Yup, i will post more photos soon! Just got back actually...

salingPUSA said...

Kuya Joven, musta ka na dito at dyan sa CHINA ha. Download kana po ng chat widget para madali kaming maka-iwan ng musta note su.....

BTW---you can call me ANTON po...